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These days, it is hard for every type of product to hit a spot of its own in the wide market arena. The vacuum cleaner is not an exception among the players in the market. Customers may have difficulties finding good vacuum cleaners that are perfect for their needs and lifestyle. However, after careful deliberation, the best upright vacuum cleaners came into sight. Here are some of the best vacuum cleaner reviews that may help in finding a perfect cleaning machine.


A look at the Shark NV22L:

To succeed in the business, a cleaner must have something that sets itself apart from the others. The Shark Navigator NV22L is a good example.

Its major distinction is its infinity technology that keeps the dirt off the filter for efficient suction power. With this, one never has to worry that stubborn dirt will get stuck. The problem of hair that’s caught is solved with the exclusive power brush wipes. The 24-feet cleaning brush can reach even the dead corners of the house. In addition to this, one will find it easy to control the upright bagless vacuum cleaner that is lightweight in its 22.8-pound design, over its incredibly smooth rollers.

This machine boasts of super-stretchable hose, dusting brush, 2-crevice tools, turbo-power brush, together with the lifetime filters which are guaranteed to work well for at least for 30 years!

A look at the Hoover UH70120:

The Hoover Wind Tunnel UH70120 has its own good points and downsides. Good points include many things:

  • It picks up dirt that is tightly hidden in the carpet.
  • It is powerful with minimal noise.
  • The body height/length is adjustable to reach any kind of place.
  • The attachment with whirring brush is great for cleaning corners.
  • The color is fashionable.
  • The cord is long for farther reach.
  • Its price saves the owner $30.45.
  • This model provides two-year warranty.

The drawbacks are really minor. People find it weighty to carry around in one hand. When hair blocks the canister, it should manually be removed and it is inconvenient to use hands for this task.

It is generally a good vacuum cleaner for its advantages make the disadvantages seem very insignificant.

A look at the Dyson DC41:

Primarily, the Dyson DC41 design with Dyson Ball Technology prioritizes smooth steering. One does not necessarily experience loss of suction.

  • The root cyclone technology minimizes the occurrence of clogging.
  • Secondly, with the dimension of 12-1/ 5 by 15-2/5 by 42-2/5 inches, the machine adapts to different users’ needs or limitations.
  • Another spectacular thing about this is that keeping the entire product is effortless!

It is obvious that it is balanced in design and functionality. However, one thing that needs improvement in the machine is the attachment. It is not wide enough to make stair cleaning as fast and efficient as one wants. But its 12-pound weight makes the machine convenient to carry anywhere.

Generally, this model is a good contender in the vacuum cleaner industry next to many of its class.

Consumers have different reasons for buying or using a product. It is also with this principle that each one has his preferred upright vacuum cleaner. These reviews should help readers decide on the best cleaner that will save them money as well as efficiently serve their cleaning needs.

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