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Nzsta-Speech Look at Uprights


These days, it is hard for every type of product to hit a spot of its own in the wide market arena. The vacuum cleaner is not an exception among the players in the market. Customers may have difficulties finding good vacuum cleaners that are perfect for their needs and lifestyle. However, after careful deliberation, Continue Reading

NZSta Wants To Know – Are Braun Juicers The Best?


Having realized that fresh juices of fruits and vegetables are nutritious and tasty too, more and more people are shifting to taking fresh juices rather than the canned variety. This has resulted to many manufacturers of this household equipment. Kinds of Juicers A lot many of domestic and international manufacturers of juicers have arrived on Continue Reading

NZSTA Looks at Mowers

Several manufacturers produce some of the finest lawn mowers for homeowners who have large yards. If you have a big yard, you have probably found that a push mower isn’t as efficient. A riding mower will suit your needs much better. Lawns larger than a quarter acre or 10,000 square feet need a riding mower Continue Reading

Hurricane Katrina – A Story


You never know what you need until you live through a disaster. I lived through hurricane Katrina and that is something I never want to have to see again. I like most didn’t think that it was necessary to get natural gas generators, or any generators for that matter, and that was probably the worse Continue Reading

New Zealand Karaoke World Champion


The Karaoke World Championship New Zealand witnessed a gamut of world-class talents belting out popular songs to lay their claim on the popular world championship title. The person finally to emerge as the New Zealand Karaoke World Champion was Onewhero West – Upper Hutt as the winner of the grand finals and become the eventual Continue Reading

Green Friendly Sealers in NZ


There are certainly a whole lot of ways that a vacuum sealer will help you save funds. You could make leftovers last for a long time; store seasonal decorations buy things like steak that is on sale and store them in the freezer. The biggest use is that people love to store garden vegetables to Continue Reading

Top Uses For Chainsaws With Tyler Green

chainsaws in actionchainsaws in action

The following is a guest post by Tyler Green. The story behind this post today is that we were searching for a chainsaw for all the tree stumps in our massive area of land. Tyler lives in the property next to us and happens to run a review website at and is an authority Continue Reading

Pressure Washing The Building

pressure wash building

It’s time to clean our building. This has been haunting us for a long time and it’s time we do something about. The first thing we are going to do it repaint the entire thing. When repainting a building, a pressure washer can often be your best friend. This post come from our maintenance man Continue Reading

Gun Safes for New Zealanders

fire proof safe

This is our first posts and I wanted to write about something that is SO important to the people of New Zealand, firearms for hunting game. While this may be a passion for many in this country, we know that if you own a gun – you must keep it safe! We’ve been doing a Continue Reading