New Zealand Karaoke World Champion

The Karaoke World Championship New Zealand witnessed a gamut of world-class talents belting out popular songs to lay their claim on the popular world championship title. The person finally to emerge as the New Zealand Karaoke World Champion was Onewhero West – Upper Hutt as the winner of the grand finals and become the eventual winner. The tournament held at Petone Workingmen’s Club, Wellington New Zealand over the weekend on 21st of October 2012 gave rise to the winner of the championship. The tournament was an immensely close affair with the quality of the participants being of the highest class. The competitors fought among themselves till the last stage of the competition, which eventually gave rise to the final winner. The performers put so much effort into their performances that the judges simply loved everything about it. They showed immense maturity and showmanship in the quality of singing, the choice of songs and their presentation. However, it was a pity that there could be only one champion and the others who have settle for something lesser than the ultimate crown of New Zealand Karaoke World champion. When asked how others can stand a chance against him nest year, he replied “read some karaoke machine reviews and buy one to practice at home…”.

NZ-WKCThe event of New Zealand World Karaoke Championship is a major platform for the youths who are interested in and feel passionate about performing karaoke songs to the audiences. It is a major nonprofit organization with a large number of charity programs including packed schedule for the youths in 2013. This organization is the only one in New Zealand to have affiliation with the Karaoke World Championship Organization, and the winner of this tournament will have the right to participate in the world event as a representative of New Zealand. The competition is of the highest standard, so you won’t see any of your home MicroKY Duostars, and the participants need to be truly serious about their music if they wish to stand any chance of winning the crown or even make it to the later stages. Most of the participants take the help of professionals and experts for their preparation and this phase can last for more than a year. Apart from choosing the right songs and singing them perfectly, the participants also make a strong point with their dress up including the presentation.

The reigning New Zealand Karaoke World Champion, Onewhero West – Upper Hutt is a case in point for the grueling and dedicated preparation that enables one to emerge as the champion is a competition of this standards. The winner beat all the other finalists after a taxing and testing 2 days of costume changes and song selection, which topped weeks of singing practice. A large amount of fundraising is going on to ensure the availability of best facilities for the champion to prepare for the future events. The next step is to ensure that the leading karaoke singers retain their focus and stays on course for bringing the leading international prizes to New Zealand.

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