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Several manufacturers produce some of the finest lawn mowers for homeowners who have large yards. If you have a big yard, you have probably found that a push mower isn’t as efficient. A riding mower will suit your needs much better. Lawns larger than a quarter acre or 10,000 square feet need a riding mower to save you energy and time. You can choose a mower powered by gas or an electric one depending on your circumstances and use. Gas lawn mowers are more expensive than the electric models. However, the electric mowers are Eco-friendly because they produce fewer emissions. The following riding lawn mowers are some of the best on the market today.

Poulan Pro PB22H54YT

This riding mower has a two year warranty and has an average rating for performance. The mower is capable of covering more ground with speed and ease. It weighs 600 pounds and is 22HP. The motor is a Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin. It has an automatic transmission and can reach a speed of 5.5 mph. The operator changes gears from forward to reverse by using a foot pedal which is like one found in cars, but different in some ways. This is one of the top mowers because of the automatic transmission feature. It also has a top quality steering wheel which helps in giving the user a smoother ride. The mower’s controls are easy to use and work well. It is turned on, and the blades are started simply by a button. You can also have a cold drink while you’re mowing the lawn because there is a convenient cup holder on the mower’s right side. The fuel tank holds 4 gallons. This mower is a bit bulky and may need additional space when you store it.

Craftsman DYS 4500

This is the best riding lawn mower in its class. It weighs 561 pounds, and its cutting deck is 54in. The DYS 4500 is rated as a top performer, and its value is the most reasonable. It has an easy to use feature that is highly appreciated. The fuel tank has a capacity of around 3 gallons. The Kohler Pro engine is 26HP and helps the mower perform on flat areas and small hills better. This engine is quieter than most other lawn mowers and makes less noise even in the process of cutting. An automatic transmission gives the operator a smooth ride. This mower has six settings that can be adjusted for cutting heights that range from one to four inches. The lower your setting, the finer the cut will be. The DYS 4500 has a tough build which allows excellent control over lawns that are uneven. Another great feature is that is can be used in the winter months as a hauling machine and snow remover. This mower’s speed and power aren’t large, but it is a perfect choice for most users. In addition, it comes with a two year warranty.

Snapper RE200 RE1330

This mower has several great features. It has a built-in system that auto-levels which gives a clean cut on irregular land. Cutting is easy with this mower, even when making sharp turns like when trimming around landscaping. The rear tires of the mower pivot independently from its frame and the front axle which is accomplished by ground Hugger Traction. Also the reverse and forward movement is driven through a hydrostatic transmission’s power. This mower has a Briggs and Stratton Intek engine that is 13HP. Its deck size is a bit smaller which makes it perfect for lawns that are medium in size. Users can ride in comfort due to the high back and seat that can be adjusted. Its fuel tank is approximately two gallons, and it will run up to 5MPH.  It also comes with a two year warranty.

Simplicity Coronet 13-horsepower

This mower has a 13HP Briggs and Stratton engine which includes an over-head valve. The engine is 2-cycle, one cylinder and makes less noise than other lawn mower engines. The Coronet uses a blade driven by a single belt, and its cutting height can be adjusted from 1 to ¾ in. There is no gear shifting involved because the hydrostatic transmission will change gear ratios from slow to faster speeds. This mower also features a rear grass catcher which holds 6 ½ bushels and a thatcher. Also built into the mower are a leaf shredder and a dump cart that is 10 cubic feet. The Coronet is a lower priced mower that is easy to maneuver and ideal for big yards. Its size is compact so it can easily be stored in a garage while leaving space for other items. The Coronet comes with a two year warranty.

The riding mowers described here are just a few of the best mowers. Never believe that purchasing the most expensive machine means that you have bought the best. Take a look at websites that offer reviews before you buy anything. Mowers that have greater horsepower and more blades aren’t always the best mowers. Always get as much info as you can on the mowers that you are considering. Being knowledgeable about various features and prices will help you get the best mower to suit your needs and a great price.

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